Charity BBQ

Thanks to everyone who came to the BBQ and donated generously to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We managed to raise over £720!

Special thanks go to…
Martin Hodgson thank you for (always) helping get stuff ready & take stuff down Gill Robinson and Laura McCarthy for being stellar butty birds. Kirsty Shepherd thanks as ever for your unique skill of keeping everything afloat, & the sweet shop for the raffle prizes. Beavers Butchers in Masham & Nidderdale Poultry, Cheers for the red meat and chicken! Dave Mawer you have a keen eye for the positioning of straw bales.

For the very generous raffle prizes big thanks to Jessie Jane Bagshaw Half Moon Inn and Acklams Beta (thanks for lending the gazebos too!) Richard, Norman & Pat Shepherd ta muchly for all your help with straw bales, site management, salad prep, food, drink and childcare!

Lastly a big thank you to Bee and her Kitchen. She is the reason it happened in the first place.

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